Club Elite Sessions 399

01.Linemoon – Unfamiliar (Richard Bass Remix)
02.Morvan – Stronger With You
03Fisher & Steve Kaetzel – Girl From The Sky.
04.Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas – All Over The World (Tom Staars 5am Black Out Remix)
05.CODE432 – Meya_
06.Giuseppe Ottaviani & Andrea Mazza – The Silence Of Time
07.Jason Ross – Cairo (Track Of The Week)
08.Linnea Schossow & Rafael Osmo – Airstrike
09.Mike Septima & Sander Playmo – Comeback!
10.Novan – Quasar (Max Freegrant Remix)
11.Simon Bostock – Suraya

Club Elite Sessions 398

01.Bassline Delivery – Road To Croatia
02.Philthy Chit – Colours
03.Denzo – Times Running Out
04.Eric Prydz vs. CHVRCHES – Tether (Original Mix)
05.Marnik, Lush & Simon – Orion
06.Alexander Turok – Oscillation (Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight Remix)
07.Protoculture – Pegasus
08.Avao – Phoenix
09.Bjorn Akesson – Astro
10.Matt Holliday – New Leaf (Solarstone Pure Mix) (Track Of The Week)
11.Stephen Kirkwood – Destination Titan

Club Elite Sessions 397

01.Proglifter – One Last Kiss
02.Basil O Glue – Will to Believe (Christopher Vassilakis Remix)
03.Same K – For You (Above Beyond Edit)
04.ilan Bluestone – Lighthouse
05.Michael Woods – Tequila Nites
06.Sunset & Mino & Safy – Prometheus (Iversoon & Alex Daf Remix)
07.Suncatcher – Transylvania Cowgirl
08.Chris Cortez – Kamui (Track of The Week)
09. D-Mad & Almer – Found_
10.Mike Septima & Sander Playmo – Ignite

Club Elite Sessions 396

01.Jeremy Rowlett – Unborn
02.Ayden Casey – Morning Sun
03.Orbion – Penguin
04.Speed Limits & Jaco Feat. Joni Fatora – Palm Of Your Hand (Thomas Hayes Remix)
05.Alexander Turok – Oscillation
06.M.I.K.E. Push vs Canberra – Confession
07.Ron Alperin – Knockout
08.ilan Bluestone – Tesseract (Track of The Week)
09.Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me (Duncan Newell Remix)
10.Andrew MacTire – Appeasement

01.Solarstone – Nothing But Chemistry Here (Gai Barone Remix)
02.Fresh Code – Voices
03.Cosmic Gate Feat Jes – Yai Here We Go Again
04.Lute – Tidal Waves
05.M.I.K.E. Push vs Canberra – Confession
06.Gareth Emery feat. Roxanne Emery – Soldier (Luke Bond Remix)
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Guest mix Omair Mirza

1.Ilan Bluestone - Tesseract
3.Super8 & Tab with 7 Skies – Rubicon
5.Mike Hawkins & Jetfire – Desset Storm
7.Armin van Buuren – Together (In A State Of Trance) (Faruk Sabanci Remix)

Club Elite Sessions 393

01.Aevion – Cannes
02.Samotarev Feat. Max Magnum – Around U (Matan Caspi Retro Dub)
03.Dimension – Like A Bird
04.Tom Staar & Still Young – Wide Awake
05.Markus Schulz – BayFront (Track of The Week)
06.Gareth Emery – Beautiful Rage Feat. LJ Ayrten (Alex Sonata Remix)
07.2LOOP – Rise_Up (Fresh Code Remix)
08.Mark Sixma – Vendetta
09.Delayers vs Nari & Milani – Phenomena
10.Trilucid – Connected
11.Tempo Giusto – Benzin
12.Gordon Bates – Stalemate

Club Elite Sessions 394

01.Andrew Benson – Hope
02.Azotti Feat. Bagga Bownz – Day And Night (Stan Arwell Remix)
03.Above & Beyond Feat. Alex Vargas – All Over The World (Club Mix)
04.Pearson & Hirst – Mind Games
05.M.I.K.E. Push vs Canberra – Confession (Track of The Week)
06.CH3N & Toby Smash – Reactive
07.Sem Thomasson – We Are
08.Husman – V.I.P.
09.Squarz Kamel – Just Me (Evan Glickson Remix)
10.Shanahan – UNO
11.Markus Schulz – Bayfront
12.Ikerya Project – Survivor (UDM Remix)

Club Elite Sessions 392

01.Jonas Hansen – Apollo
02.Claus Backslash – Starfire
03.4 Strings & Katty Heath – Hold In Silence
04.5tranger – Winter
05.Andy Tau & Hilton Caswell – Rush (Ali Wilson Remix)
06.M.I.K.E. Push – A Giant PUSH For Mankind (Free GiveAway!
07.Xten – Lovely Progressive
08.Rubi Heller – Picture Of The Day
09.Rene Cuppens – MeltDown
10.Bobby Puma – Manifesto
11.Dimension – Ode 2

WMC Coldharbour Night Miami March 2014

01.M.I.K.E. – The Motive
02.Dankann – And God Said
03.Z.E.R.O. – Transcend
04.Somna & Amos – Riser
05.Mr Pit – Nasty Beats
06.Danilo Ercole – Cruzer
07.M.I.K.E. Push – Astrolab

Live Recorded @ Phonic DC

01.Cris Peacock – Let There Be Light
02.Willem De Roo – Inception
03.Redhead – Hazcam (Christian Cambas Remix)
04.Aerofoil – Phase 2 Face
05.Protoxic – Sunrise (Dualitik Remix)
06.Jake Simpson – Solace
07.Alex Ender & Allion – Monterini

01.Eric Prydz – Liberate
02.Andrew Bayer – Once Lydian
03.Danilo Ercole – Cruzer
04.John O’Callaghan pres. Joint Operations Centre – Castlevania
05.Chris Metcalfe – High Altitude (M.I.K.E. Push Remix)
06.Arkham Knights – Tomorrows World
07.Markus Schulz – Dancing In The Key Of Life (M.I.K.E. Push Remix)
08.Max Graham – The Evil ID (Mark Sherry Remix)
09.M.I.K.E. Push – Astrolab (Original Mix)
10.Section 2 – Amphetamine (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
11.Thomas Newson & Magnificence – Blizzard